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PostSubject: BEFORE SIGNING UP, PLEASE READ!   November 26th 2008, 10:19 pm

Welcome to HB! This site was created for all the Pirates of the Caribbean fans in the world.
We do have a few rules about this site we would like you to read.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: To be a registered member of this site.
You have to be a dedicated, obsessive fan of the POTC movies! Yes, that is all you need. xD

MAKE YOUR FIRST POST IN "INTRODUCE YOURSELF": Post your story as a new topic. Tell us a little about yourself. How you found out about this movies or online game.. who your favorite characters are.. and so on. Never reveal person information such as cell phone number, address, or last name. We do allow you to become friends.

REVIEW ALL THE FORUMS BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC: Before you post a new topic make sure that you aren't actually duplicating another one or that what you want to say might be able to fall into an already existing topic or category. TRY NOT TO POST ONE TOPIC TWICE.. it will be deleted.

We do not want to rip you away from your daily lives or studies. Please be very considerate and try to spend time with family, friends, and devoting some to homework and school activities. We don’t want you to neglect your family and friends or lower your grades in school.

NO CHARACTER BASHING: If you don't like or hate any of the characters, or actors portraying the characters, this site is not for you. Our discussions about the movie is to show our enthusiasm and love for the story. This site is just for FANS and there is a difference between discussing character flaws and bashing characters. If you do not know the difference, it is suggested that you do not make any negative comments regarding characters, as we are a very protective when it comes to these people.

BE NICE! DON'T BE EASILY OFFENDED. DON'T BASH OTHERS: Speak kind words to each other. Keep this forum a positive and fun place for everyone to come and interact and make friendships. Think twice before you get offended over a comment. The author may not have meant any offense. Since we can't see each others faces or hear the inflection in each others voices, it is easier to take something the wrong way. Do not speak of any other members of this site OR any other site! Do not use personal messages to gossip. We don’t want to have arguments or chaos on this site. Please be considerate.

DO NOT POST CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS: No religion or politics, please. There are other forums for these kinds of discussions. Religious discussions do take place here and there, but as long as no one feels offended.
Absolutely no politically related posts are allowed.. even if we agree with them.. they will be deleted.

NO FOUL LANGUAGE OR INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES. Keep it clean. I have tried to filter out as many bad words as I could think of, so don't use any creative forms of the F-bomb, S-word, B-word, and so on because you will be warned and maybe even banned. This also includes rude remarks about race, religion, nationality, and so on. Do NOT post any inappropriate pictures! I don't need to say anymore about that.

Don't do it. The only thing we will allow is photos of yourself, your first name, and age. We really don’t like having this kind of personal information out.

PRIVATE MESSAGE ANY MODERATORS IMMEDIATELY IF THERE ARE ANY HATERS OR PEOPLE WHO AREN'T FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES: Be sure to include the username and forum they are posting in so it can be investigated right away. Do not get into arguments with haters or angry instigators. They want the attention. Replying to their negative comments only encourages them to continue. Just ignore them and report it to us.

USERNAME CHANGE: We do allow users to change their usernames, but NOT FREQUENTLY. Once or twice and that's it. We will be keeping track. You may private message me, Korianne, if you would like to have your name changed.

THIS IS A SPOILER FREE SITE: Please respect other people's wishes if they refuse to hear any spoilers about the movies. DO NOT post any spoilers in the forums unless you use spoiler tags. They can be located under the "others" button when you start a new topic or post. If you can't hold yourself back and absolutely need to share with people, use the tags and clearly state that there are spoilers ahead. Otherwise, your post or topic will be deleted immediately.

NO ADVERTISING IN YOUR SIGNATURE, TOPICS, OR AVATAR: Please don't advertise things in your signature or avatar. And, please no advertising via private message, either. If you would like to share your site with others, please visit the affiliates forum, fill out the provided information, and private message it to me, Korianne, through private message. That way, there is no chaos and no breaking rules.

Reminder: The moderators and administrators have a right to warn or ban anybody that isn't following rules. We aren't super strict, but we just wish everyone would follow the guidelines above.


- Korianne [HB's Administrator]
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