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 Weird Dreams!

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PostSubject: Weird Dreams!   March 9th 2009, 2:38 am

Hey, everyone!
I've decided to make this thread for people who want to share their dreams.

Okay... I'm going to tell you about a really weird dream I had recently.


I was teaching at my school during the summer. And, I was teaching ten year old children. I have no idea why. But, I actually remember what room I was in and everything. I remember hearing a mother and her daughter outside the classroom on the ramp arguing with each other. The girl really wanted to go into my class, but the mother refused. Eventually, the mother let her go, and I watched the girl walk into my class and sit at the teacher's desk. I went up to her and told her, "Honey, you can't sit there, there is a seating chart..." And I remember her looking up at me and smiling. And she asked me where a certain boy sat. I forgot the name she said, it was a last name, and I know for a fact that it started with a "B".
I picked up the seating chart and I remember scanning and looking for the name. I told her that he sat in the middle of the class.
She took the seating chart from me and a pencil and put a check next to the boy's name and two other kids that were next to him.
I asked her why she did that and she looked up at me again, smiling. She told me that they were going to die.
Then, she put a check by my name at the top of the list.
That's what I woke up.

I was totally freaked out that day. I couldn't concentrate at school and I went home the next day and couldn't fall asleep.


What are some of your dreams?

"My affections and wishes have not changed.
But, one word from you will silence me forever.
If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you:
You have bewitched me, body and soul,
And, I love... I love... I love you..."

- Mr. Darcy | Pride and Prejudice [2005]
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Weird Dreams!
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