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PostSubject: READ THESE RULES!   February 13th 2009, 6:36 am

Please, follow these rules so there is no chaos!

1. This role playing part of the forum is based off the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So, that means... think like Jack.

2. Please do not be rude. You may only swear like pirates... such as the famous line: Oh, bugger!

3. Please respect the captain of your crew and do not try and take charge unless the captain gives you the permission.

4. You may use pirate grammar, though, please try and keep it readable. Don't go overboard, no pun intended, on the pirate talk so that other people can't understand you.

5. You must have only one character before you can role-play.

6. Please separate your in-character talking from out-of-character talking so as not to confuse people. When in character write "IC" and out of character write "OOC"...
IC: Captain Korianne was standing at the helm of her ship, looking out into the horizon.
OOC: Who wants to join my crew?

7. No "text talk" when in character, please. It can be very annoying.
Example: g2g, ttyl. ty, yw, brb, and so on.

8. When posting in character, you must post in third person.
Example: Captain Korianne drew her sword quickly. She slashed at her opponent, backing him towards the edge of the boat.

9. Do not use a character that is not your own!
Correct: Captain Korianne walked out her quarters.
Incorrect: Captain Korianne started to walk out her quarters when she spotted her first mate.
"Captain," he said. "I have spotted a ship on the horizon."

10. Please have your character accepted by an administrator before you start to role play. When your character is accepted, you will get a badge award on your profile telling the staff that you can role play and an administrator will add "ACCEPTED" to the title of your pirate creation form. If a staff finds that you do not have a role play award and an accepted form, they can immediately delete your post and contact you.

11. Romance is allowed, though, please keep it PG-13.

1. To create a character, please start a new thread in the "Character Introduction" forum. The title must be your HB username.

2. The character creation form can be found in the "Character Creation Form" thread.

3. Canon characters are NOT allowed. Be creative with your character. Make up your own person, please.

1. If you would like to create your own crew, please make a new thread in the "Join a Crew" forum. The title must be your pirate character's name and your pirate ship's name.
Example: Captain Korianne - The Wave Runner

2. After you have created your crew thread, you must have a crew roster in the beginning post of that thread.

3. If you want to join an already made crew, please contact the captain of that crew through private message. If he or she accepts you, they must add your name to the crew roster in the beginning post of their crew thread.

4. Once you have a crew thread and a couple of crew members, you can start role playing in that thread. Though, remember, when you are in your crew thread, you are technically aboard your ship.

5. The maximum amount of crew members you can have in your crew is ten.

6. If you are a captain of a crew and you don't want any more crew members to join. You may state in your thread that crew sign-ups are closed. Or, if your crew numbers have reached the maximum amount of people, ten, then you you may select closed.

7. You do not have to join a crew to role play. You can sail alone.

8. To prove that you have read all these rules...
When you are creating your pirate character, under the "other" section in the character creation form, please put: Me gusta comer mi pantelones!

"My affections and wishes have not changed.
But, one word from you will silence me forever.
If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you:
You have bewitched me, body and soul,
And, I love... I love... I love you..."

- Mr. Darcy | Pride and Prejudice [2005]
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